Healing art as common ground

Everything is held together with stories…That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion.

                                                                                                                      Barry Lopez

When we share our own stories informally, we restore zest for life and our work, build community and pass on the valuable lessons we’ve learned.  When we discuss a poem or story that is meaningful to us in an interdisciplinary setting, we’re creating a bond.  We find ourselves on common ground.

Poems, in particular, can be medicinal.  They are small packets that encapsulate meaning. You can carry them with you, take as needed and share without fear of unwanted side effects or incompatibilities!

I'll be working with this theme at a workshop sponsored by the American Medical Student Association meeting in April 2014 at the AMSA Headquarters in Sterling, Virginia. In our time together, we’ll explore the realm of poetry, do some simple and interesting imagery and wordplay. I’ll also offer the participants a couple of take home assignments that I hope they'll find rewarding.