Clinician’s Guide to the Soul

American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year
Book of poems, 96 pages, 2008.


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“I imagined poetry might, if given the chance, even heal medicine itself.”
—Rafael Campo, The Healing Art

This small pocket-size book contains 45 of my poems and 10 prints by Rachel Dickerson, a young artist whose work inspires me in the same way a poem can.

The title feels risky—clinician and soul and the promise of guidance! But the poems are hard won and long pondered. They come out of my personal and professional experience in health care as well as my exploration of healing art. I’d like to think you might turn to them for insight, diversion, sustenance or healing as you wrestle with the challenges of clinical practice, illness, death and life.

Clinician’s Guide to the Soul was written for health workers, family caregivers, patients and all who turn to poetry to plumb the depths of our common humanity.